Stylish Weekend

by Kathleen


The last of the spring peonies after a rain storm a week ago. Even with age, the flower is extremely vibrant in color and shape.

Upon awaking yesterday morning I was determined to ease into the weekend instead of being tossed head first into the waves of decision-making and arduous tasks. Gliding into the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee to go with the almond croissants purchased the day before at la Madeleine was my idea of a perfect start.


Harvested bay leaves, which have been growing for many years at Heath were be placed in containers to be shared with family and friends.

IMG_3122There was also the great opportunity of working on the deck this morning with mom, planting additional herbs in various pots to be used in meals for the remainder of the year. Mom helped by pulling weeds and harvested the bay leaves which were stored in containers for upcoming stews, soups and sauces. It is always a lot of fun to work with mom while  gardening. We had our music playing our favorite playlist and enjoyed lunch al fresco.

Work stylishly