Father Knows Best

Dad and me getting ready to celebrate our first Christmas together!!!!

Growing up my parents were the quintessential team, our cousins and friends always sought their advice and respect. Their guidance and prudent recommendations extended well beyond that of the immediate family. Mom and dad had a way of complimenting each other so, that their authoritative air knew no bounds.

No one ever stated, “parenting was easy” so, to all the men who make a concerted commitment not just within their own families, but within their community, to help if and when necessary, Happy Father’s Day to all!!


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12 thoughts on “Father Knows Best

  1. Hello Stylish Heath. Awwwwwww, look at you. And to top it off, you took a stylish pose. Head up and shoulders back. Very nice pic and Happy Father’s Day to all. And I’ll admit that I watched the television show Father Knows Best. Nice post……………….giving props to all the dad’s………


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