2016 Blizzard Recovery

IMG_3163 IMG_3151{The wind increased to 50-mph by Friday afternoon and began blowing snow into drifts}

The last few weeks have been extremely hectic and as much as I loved celebrating the holidays at Heath, it feels as if my workload increased ten-fold once the festivities of the season ended. So, with the arrival of Winter Storm Jonas is it wrong of me to take great delight at battening down hatches and being sequestered during a major blizzard to enjoy a much-needed break?

IMG_3339 {Shoveling the front of the house after clearing the deck of 3 feet of snow}

Learning of the storms approach last weekend, meteorologists were sure of the magnitude, but not the length of the blizzard until Wednesday morning and living in the country has taught us a level of preparedness is necessary during all seasons, especially in winter. So, having stocked up on essentials that would be needed if the power went out, I added delicacies that would be necessary while staying indoors for several days.

IMG_3346 Helping our retired neighbors shovel out their homes is always a given after a severe storm. Here is my brother Steve helping me with the long drive of the family next door. Look at that sun against those beautiful clouds.

IMG_3348Heath after the storm, it was great watching the sun set this evening.

Stay safe and warm,


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