Loving May

May in Northern Virginia can be a tad humid and extremely hot, but this weekend the air was gloriously clear with low humidity and cool temps [which is very rare]. It’s wonderful being out for morning walks with no one around, and as I moved toward Fox Clove a family had a rooster that crowed non-stop. There were also flowers blooming in the sidewalks that added beauty to the morning.

In January the Washington Post listed an article on The DC area’s 10 best casual restaurants of 2022. Running errands, the other day I stopped in to Yu Noodle for an authentic Chongqing lunch. They had traditional hot and spicy noodle dishes developed by owners Andy Qin and Tony Cai. They serve many dishes like soup dumplings and all noodles are made by hand. Exploring the menu, everything looked tasty, so I ordered “chicken leg noodle soup”.

It’s a wonderful feeling seeing flowers bloom around the house. Last week, I didn’t steak these peonies fast enough and a torrential storm had them on the ground in minutes. The next day I flew out to take care of each blossom to ensure a bit of longevity.

Stay stylish and share items you love during May!!!

2 Replies to “Loving May”

    1. We have several peony plants on the northern portion of our home which are flowering now. There appears to be a 4 1/2 week bloom time between the plants with southern exposure. Enjoy your peonies as they blossom!!!

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