Weekend in Pitt

Traveling from Virginia through Maryland and up the Pennsylvania Turnpike is absolutely beautiful countryside. I love seeing farmland with cattle dotted into the hilltops, and have a penchant for silo’s. You rarely see these towers used to store grain anymore, and wherever the structures were I’d take a snapshots.

Our beautiful nephew is being baptized this weekend so, we are in Pittsburgh, PA for a huge family gathering. This time together presents an opportunity for us to sightsee in and around the city.


9 Replies to “Weekend in Pitt”

  1. Awwwwwww……….. Happy Christening lil’ baby boy. Congratulations to you and your nephew. I love your photos too. I always like pics of bridges. Nice post…….

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  2. I love Pittsburgh! You should visit the Strip District while you are there! There’s lots of markets and food options. Primanti Brothers is also a must go for food!


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