Fall Essentials


I cannot begin to express how thrilled I am that Summer has come to an end, and can now move forward into Fall. This seasonal change means we can turn our attention to warmer clothes with luxurious textures and colors; participate in outings that do not include bugs or insects, and enjoying the cool crispness in the air, especially before work each morning. At the start of Fall I find myself scouring the farmers markets more intently than when the weather was warmer, and have begun focusing on the shift in fruits and vegetables displayed in each stall. Then begin imagining the variations of desserts I can create using Fall produce.

Dreamily I have drafted a list of a few sumptuous favorites to reacquaint myself with this opulent change in seasons.

  1. My leopard throw.
  2. Taking herbal tea in a thermos for lunch to work.
  3. Calvin Klein’s “Driftwood Candle” from TJ Maxx.
  4. Making a huge pot Split Pea soup with ham bone.
  5. Creating recipe variations on fruit cobblers or tarts using seasonal produce.
  6. Continued evening walks out under the stars.
  7. A leather tote to carry iPhone, iPad, notebooks and any other daily essentials.
  8. A myriad of scarves.
  9. Trying Yves Saint Laurent’s Vernis A Levres- glossy lip stains in nude for fall and nail color in Smoked Chrome from Estée Lauder.
  10. Updated Brazilian Jazz Playlist for Fall.

Stay Chic!!


6 Replies to “Fall Essentials”

  1. Hello Stylish Heath, aahhhhhhhhhh, open the windows and let the fresh cool air of Fall come through. My favorite time of the year without hesitation. And I don’t mind the extra clothing to wear. Nice pic of the Fall colors of leaves. Great post………………………….


  2. Yes we all can now enjoy the pleasures of radiant colors along with the fresh, crisp autumnal breezes. Every year without fail I find myself rejoicing in autumn’s treasures such as pleasant walks and of course a little football. Anticipating new and exciting delicasies from the kitchen goes a long way also. I like your pic displaying the colors of the carotenoids that give leaves their beautiful hues. Enjoy all the pleasantries of this fall.


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