Stylish Favorites (5)

IMG_0246{Butterfly on the pumpkin leaves}

Summer is off to a wonderful start and the neighborhood is extremely quiet as family and friends travel aboard or to the beaches of the eastern shore. I have been keeping busy testing various chutney recipes for the winter holidays using the herbs and onions from the garden. The dahlias and tomatoes have been staked, and the roses pruned.

I will pop into the Hirshhorn for a few creative ideas this weekend. This modern art gallery on the National Mall in Washington D.C. has a fabulous sculpture garden. It is incredible to view the artwork, as well as the plant life surrounding the pieces to get inspirational ideas for home.

Listed are a few apps and websites I like to tap into for refreshing summer coolness!

Daily Candy Scout
The bloggers at DailyCandy scour the country for the latest updates and discoveries taking place in the major cites. Discover what may be close to your hotel or put a list together so you can triangulate any town. Once you have made discoveries, share with others!

Songkick is a great app for music lovers; which will scan your iTunes library and let you know in advance when your favorite artists are performing live near you. If you travel, use the change the location tab, then type in the name of a city for “songkick” to search possible concerts of your favorite musicians.

Pandora One
When you are ready to throw one of your fabulous summer parties, and as usual, run out of time to create a playlist, let Pandora setup a customized list. Simply enter the name of an artist into the app and Pandora will select similar tunes to keep music playing all night. I especially love this app while cooking in the kitchen.

Parts Unknown
Tune in to Anthony Bourdain’s: Parts Unknown on Sunday’s at 9 PM ET on CNN and travel to exotic global destinations. This is by far the best travel and food show to watch.


A box of macaroons from my brothers recent trip to Paris. I love having these treats at the house to serve to guest along with a cup of coffee or lemonade.

Stay stylishly cool!!!


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2 thoughts on “Stylish Favorites (5)

  1. Spring is my favorite season and summer is a close second. Your suggestions and advice for living the life are duly appreciated here in Chicago. Enjoy yourself and continue to make such excellent use of your time. Viva Stylish Heath!


  2. Hello Stylish Heath, that is just too cool of a pic with the butterfly on the pumpkin leaves. How did you even see “lady butterfly.” She even likes your garden at Heath. Again, I’m particularly interested in your pics of your dahlias when they bloom. Could actually be one of the most beautiful flowers on this planet. Thanks for the music apps as I am a music buff. Nice post on this near 100 degree day. Refreshing pics to cool one off……


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