Architecture Suisse

This Alpine nation has designed exquisitely within their mountains for centuries. The traditional wooden farm and rural structures are dotted throughout Vals along with cows tucked next to the “chalets” or “alpine cabins” to create that country feel. The foundations of the structures are usually made of stone or cement, and built into the downhill side of a slope with numerous windows for viewing the astounding countryside.

Architect Peter Zumthor built The Therme Vals a wonderful hotel and spa over thermal springs in the Graubünden Canton in Switzerland. The idea was to create a cave or quarry like structure into the natural surroundings of the hillside using locally quarried Valser Quarzite slabs.

Traverse stylishly throughout the countryside,

Vals, Switzerland

Our team went to Zurich for business last week and decided to stop in Vals before returning home. A small town that lays snuggly within the Alps that has thermal baths and makes a classically recognizable water called “Valserwasser”.

The history of Vals is impressive with archeological finds from the Bronze Age around the thermal baths as well as Iron Age items on the slopes. It has been many years since I was last in this quaint village, but our team has sent back fabulous photos of the surrounding countryside.

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