After the Storm

IMG_0951_2 IMG_0960_2Here in the Mid-Atlantic, we have just finished with what is hopefully our final snowstorm of the season, as the weather is about to go into upper 50’s and low 60’s later in the week.

Can you imagine {soon} going outside without scarves, gloves or heavy coats to protect you from the biting cold? Here are few and hopefully the last pictures of winter 2015!!!

IMG_0957 IMG_0974_2I took a few photos during Winter Storm Thor on Thursday during the course of the day, and no matter how old I become, there is something refreshing about seeing a fresh coat of snow throughout the neighborhood with icicles clinging to trees and shrubs, and deer running through the woods.


{Malcolm the Cat coping with cabin-fever by sitting with his stuffed bear and friend for life}

We are forced to stay in and off the streets, as the ice freezes the roads. Cabin fever may set in, but you hope that in shoveling the driveway to the street lends a felling of mobility especially, once Department of Transportation plows the main streets.

IMG_1002{Once the storm blew out it was great to walk and see the full moon rising in the east}

Stay warm,