Gardens of Versailles

IMG_1399 IMG_1403{The Queen’s Hamlet- Marie Antoinette’s private cottage and gardens on the grounds of Versailles}
I have been passionate about flowers my entire life. Growing up my mom was a prolific gardener and would plant beautiful flowers as well as vegetables around the house. And, when the weather warmed I always enjoyed picking the floral arrangements that would decorate the table for family dinners. It was a euphoric feeling seeing the various colors and textures laid out within the garden. So, when I studied drawing it seemed natural that my eye focused on the leaves and stems to the blossoms for which I had a great affinity. Pouring through art books on Boucher, Chardin, Fragonard and my absolute favorite artist: Anne Vallayer-Coster who was painter during the Court of Marie-Antoinette with her exuberant still-life paintings.

 As I continue to pour through books reviewing the details in drawings and paintings of flowers and herbs grown during the eighteenth century plus, remembering the sweet smell of lavender; mimosa and violets from the Versailles gardens with camellias used as decorations in several of the rooms. These scents and flowers are my continued inspiration for the upcoming gardens at Heath.

 Plant stylishly,

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