Living Simply

Lately, I’ve taken to indulging in daydreams, cherishing fantasies of happier, healthier times for all!!!

I cannot express how much I miss my friends, don’t get me wrong…. I love my family and spending quality time with them. But, I do miss chatting face to face with the girls in order to get the local scoop; lunching for hours enjoying one another’s company, while laughing so hard we are crying, or popping into a museum or gallery to see current exhibitions …. and lastly, what I truly miss is booking a flight to a distant land to spend time with friends and family.

Current issues and challenges have stayed with us a bit longer than intended, many states are entering Phase I of reopening this week to bring some semblance of normalcy back to our communities. While the majority of us are continuing to work from home; I find it imperative to set a few minutes aside each day to indulge in a spot of “gracious living” to reduce stress.

Photographing flowers {irises and peonies} from the gardens at Heath after an unusually chilly winter. I have not experienced such cold before, and have not spent time in the garden due to high winds. But, taking pictures of blooms as they appear is wonderful way to celebrate spring.

Can you believe this simply delicious snack is comprised of avocado, watermelon radishes, and rusk toast. There is an international market I frequent and they now have this heirloom variety of a daikon called “watermelon radishes”. They taste mellower than red radishes and served with a bit of salt are wonderful to nibble on busy days.

Stay safe,

Gardening Day

The first signs of spring have arrived—- yesterday while working in the garden squirrels scampered up fences into neighbor’s yards, birds called to others in distant trees, and spiders crawled up plants checking out the new growth. Evidence of new beginnings definitely abounds, Easter is fast approaching and blossoming flowers inspire us to feel festive!

{In the top photo the garden is filled with “purple dead-nettle” a herbaceous flowering plant {weed} that grew prolifically as a result of the warm winter}

{This daffodil is surrounded by “Henbit dead-nettle“,which can be mistaken for the purple dead-nettle above}

It is refreshing to feel the warmth of the sun and the spring rain upon my face. The spectacular beauty that has surfaced over the past month overwhelms me to think creatively when gardening. With my list of chores in hand, the possibilities of what are to come encourage me to work harder.

Garden stylishly,



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