Holiday Preparations

December 2012December 2012

Time…can this be the ultimate gift? Having a few extra minutes to slowly awaken each morning or savoring an extra cup of coffee. Whenever I have an available moment, I work out recipes or decorating arrangements in my mind’s eye. I love when a creative surge washes over me, giving me the ability to design a savory meal or sketch a cozy corner for a room in the house.

With the holidays vastly approaching my thoughts have turned to the Christmas. I have been working out the dinner menu and decorating the inside of the house. For the life of me, I refuse to light up the outside of our house. The neighborhood looks so inviting with lights twinkling and wreaths on every door. I realize our neighbors have help putting the decorations up and taking them down, but unfortunately I do not have that luxury.

Anyway I purchased the last of my Poinsettia’s this morning from my favorite florist. She always has the best selection of plants to choose from, in order to make the house appear warm and welcoming.

I have been collecting and receiving recipes from friends, storing them on my computer and in files all year long. Now comes the fun part of sorting through the various ingredients to make the most scrumptious meal of the holiday season.

Happy Holidays!!

Creative Thinking

IMG_0032I walked this evening right after sunset and the sky quickly filled with the brightest twinkling stars. The air was cold and crisp with leaves skirting throughout the streets, and a bird chirped from a tree as I approached it’s nest. I truly love being enveloped by the night as if it were a cozy blanket, I do my best thinking while taking long strides and breathing deeply. Like most artist I find and seek inspiration everywhere, even in the star studded sky. The constellations of Cassiopeia and The Pleiades were giving me an added feminine boost to my thinking. I began planning Sunday dinner and wanted to work out which outfits will work best when traveling to Dubai next week.


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