A Wiley Winter

IMG_1432 IMG_1450 IMG_1462Just three days before the official start of spring, Winter Storm Wiley roared through the Mid-Atlantic today dropping over a foot of snow in the Northern Virginia area. Since, schools were closed along most of the eastern board with federal offices shut for the fifth time, the storm presented an opportune moment to prep the ultimate comfort foods. And while the food cooked in the oven warming the house I took a few minutes to photograph the storm, as it blew around Heath.

Stay warm,

6 Replies to “A Wiley Winter”

  1. Hum! I cooked corned beef and tried my best to keep warm. My only regret is that we have to go back to work tomorrow. However, I take the late opening with a smile. I love your post!


  2. Stylish Heath. These are very nice pics. That looks like a Blue Spruce in the 2nd pic. Nice tree. My family had a couple of them as I was growing up………Look at the deer, their eyes. As always, you capture beautiful settings and put them on display for all to see.


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