Savannah, Georgia

IMG_0388{Mercer Williams House on Whitaker Street}

IMG_0376{Spanish Moss hanging from trees}

Getting away for a long weekend can be one the most refreshing vacations for those of us who lead extremely busy lives. When life appears to be closing in and your nerves are frayed, now is the time for the perfect getaway. The beauty of these short respites is that they can be taken frequently, and whenever necessary. To start my stylish getaway we are going to Savannah, Georgia for two days and then onto Charleston, South Carolina for an additional two.

IMG_0359{The Pirates’ House}

On Thursday morning a few of us took off for Savannah, Georgia to partake in a bit of history, gracious southern living, delicious food and a lot of fun! We stayed in the historical district of the city a few blocks from the Savannah River, which lent access to all of the cultural sites.  First on our list was stopping for lunch at The Pirates’ House, which is located on one of the most significant spots in Georgia because it is here that the Trustees Garden, the first experimental garden in America is located. The small building adjoining the Pirates’ House was erected in 1734 and is said to be the oldest house in the state.

The buffet was a wonderful inroad to the delicacies we were to taste while in Savannah; collard greens, fried okra, sweet potatoes, macaroni & cheese, and the fried chicken and tilapia were all absolutely delicious! Dessert was a Key Lime Pie and Banana Pudding.

IMG_0402{The Armstrong House on Bull Street}

IMG_0407{Forsyth Park Fountain}

IMG_0447{The Owens-Thomas House on Abercorn Street}

IMG_0457IMG_0449{Garden at the Owens-Thomas House}

Next we were off to see the historic homes of the city, which are dotted between oak canopied streets that are surrounded by churches and unique shops. The architecture of these genteel landmarks are a wonderful sampling of Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian Regency, which gives a focus on the styles of 18th and 19th century America. Even the cathedrals’ range from colonial to medieval architecture with intricate accents.

IMG_0446{Beignets’ from Huey’s on E. River Street}

Savannah has a great many tastes similar to that of New Orleans; we sampled pralines, okra gumbo and Po-Boys made with shrimp instead of oysters.

IMG_0440{Savannah River Bridge}

The Historic Savannah Foundation was started by a small group of women (seven to be exact), who preserved many of these beautiful homes and kept them from being demolished. Most of these estates have been renovated or restored to be museums, inns or homes to the families who have purchased them. It is truly wonderful to be able to see and experience such living history.


9 Replies to “Savannah, Georgia”

  1. Beautiful pictures and thanks for sharing some of the amazing sights from your trip. I’ve always wanted to visit those areas; now I want to even more!


    1. Savannah is absolutely gorgeous, and one of those cities you want to definitely revisit. We were making lists of sites and restaurants we did not get the chance to visit this time!!!


  2. Sounds like a fun trip with great sightseeing and even better meals. I can’t imagine enjoying all the culture and history that this city offers. My only recollection of Savannah is that it was the terminus of Sherman’s infamous “March to the Sea” in 1864 winding down the Civil War. You have shed light on a more iconic antebellum Southern lifestyle reflected by this gorgeous architecture. Basically I’d visit just to indulge the southern cuisine. Enjoy your summer.


    1. While we walked the Battery or Sea Wall in Charleston, SC there were other site-seers who must have been avid historians who kept mentioning Sherman. We could see Fort Sumter in the distance and were trying to envision the history of the past.


  3. Hello Stylish Heath, Ahhhhhhh the good ole’ South. Those homes are stately looking. Absolutely gorgeous. The Mercer Williams estate is impeccable. Look at the architecture. After seeing this post, I will make a concerted effort to visit the historic city of Savannah. I bet that southern food was tasty. Love the pics. They always have a certain flare about them, tastefully photographed. Nice job…………


    1. It was wonderful to go from home to home and imagine how these people lived in the excessive heat with all of the clothing they had to wear. But, we enjoyed photographing when it was allowed and partaking in all of the delicious food!!!!


  4. I must plan for a weekend getaway ASAP! I feel refreshed just reading this post! What a beautiful city!! The only problem is it’s 7:30a and I want fried chicken, sweet potatoes, and southern mac and cheese! Dinner for breakfast anybody?!


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