Objets d’ Art

IMG_3463{Purse made of coconut shells from Aruba}

When I studied art history the French term “objets d’ art” generally referred to “works of art” that were not traditional works of art such as sculptures, drawings or paintings. These items were typically small, highly decorative and usually three-dimensional.

While listening to the lecture my mind kept seeing other creative uses for such delicate enamels, jewel encrusted boxes or Persian rugs from art’s distance past. The question that kept entering my mind was could these works of art serve a dual purpose?

I decided to test the theory.  I fell in love with this purse made from coconut shells while on a recent trip to Aruba. The obvious intent was to utilize the small bag as a purse, but on second thought, it looked intriguing on my vanity as a decorative piece, especially in the sunlight.


The small coin purse I found has a beautiful color of gold within its orange shade and looks lovely on this gorgeous bench beside the vanity as a pillow.


The golden bracelet can be shaped into any design that can be imagined.  I have wrapped the design around a lamp as an ornate addition, but for now I prefer the bracelet to enhance the coconut designed purse. ..et voila!

If you have any creative ideas for alternate uses of everyday items, please share your comments!


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