Weekend Destination: Pittsburgh

Three of our planned trips to Europe were cancelled this summer due to the pandemic and the EU travel ban. Since overseas flights are limited, I still dream of returning to favorite destinations, which are a rich source of inspiration for “Stylish Heath”, and with the phased reopening of varying services across the country a few of us were eager to leave home to do a bit of exploring {safely of course} so, a road trip was planned to visit family in Pittsburg.

My brothers {Paul and Omar} and 17 month old nephew {Eli} who is absolutely adorable and is the perfect host, he enjoys showing his aunt around the city of Pittsburgh!

The beautiful countryside was a gorgeous change of pace to view as we drove from Northern Virginia to Pitt.

The Hofbräuhaus was up the street from our hotel so, we ordered dinner to go and had a wonderful al fresco style meal with family.

Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh/ Brewery & Restaurant
2705 S Water Street

We shopped the “Strip District” a neighborhood that is a fabulously vibrant mix of old-style grocers and gourmet food shops, classic Italian eateries and sandwich places. I so enjoy getting spices, cheeses and sweets that we cannot get at home.

The next evening we were in Wholey’s Market back in the Strip District for fruits, veggies and a selection of seafood to throw on the grill for another night of fine dining with family.

Wholey’s Market
1711 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh
{412} 391-3737

Travel safely,