Flowers at Heath


The small window that we call spring is extremely short-lived here in the Mid-Atalntic and summer is vastly approaching. The cool breezy nights with a sky full of stars not impeded by humidity are a rarity. Having lush green grass grow without the strain of heat and humidity is a sight to behold, along with the flowers at Heath which have been unfolding around the property since late winter.


I always suspected the underlying secret to flowers is that various species will grow throughout the seasons so, that their glorious beauty is seen at all times of the year. As much as I love my peonies, irises and the cherry blossoms of spring I do look forward to the flowers of summer.

IMG_0142 IMG_0141{Peonies}

I cannot wait to share the dahlias, sunflowers and hydrangeas, which will grow during the summer months ahead, but in the mean time please enjoy the flowers of spring from Heath!