October Edition- Pumpkins & Dahlias

{The dahlias are peaking, and climbing to over 6-ft., while intertwining with the pumpkins the garden is bursting with blossoms!!

Autumn is that time of year, in which one may draw inspiration from the beauty of the changing season. Starting with the luxurious earth tones of fall foliage; the smell of wood burning from fireplaces, picking a perfect pumpkin for baking, carving or display, followed by crisp cool nights and starry skies. There’s nothing like moon-gazing under a completely clear night with no humidity or city lights.

And, as winter approaches the sun stays up for less time each day, and that’s when I find myself drawn to the kitchen creating or re-working comforting soups and stews for chilly evenings.




Fall Dahlias

IMG_2796 IMG_2801{Dahlias after the severe rain storm on early Wednesday evening}

Experiencing frost last week due to a front that moved through the western mountains of Northern Virginia had night temps down to the high 20’s. Going out in the evening air to cover a few of the herb plants with plastic and burlap to keep them from freezing was imperative.

By Tuesday of this week the remnants of hurricane Patricia brought heavy rain and wind so, when there was an opening after the deluge yesterday, I could not wait to get outside to snap a few photos of the dahlias before losing them in the next freeze or severe storm.


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