The Abstract Art of Relaxation

IMG_0810{Sculptural fountains on Lake Anne Plaza}

Lately, I have been reading a myriad of articles on the benefits of health and the occasional “girls night out” with your BFF’s. Researchers have shown that women who stay connected and maintain close ties gain the advantage of a longer life expectancy; experience lower blood pressure, increased immunity and my personal favorite is experiencing complete relaxation over those who stay disconnected.

This weekend our “girls” group met at Café Montmartre a quaint French Bistro on Washington Plaza to discuss life’s problems and came away with solutions to global issues after a few sips of French Chardonnay and eating the most delicious food.  As we share mutual goals, common interest and feelings on most topics, this is why we get along so well. We have even invited new friends into the group and weeded out those who did not have our best interest at heart.

While a bit of stress may be good, and pushing ourselves on a daily basis to conquer the day seems right, there is nothing more fabulous than ending the day and carving out time for ourselves, in which to just relax!!!!


Today I spent down-time in the garden pulling  a few scraggly annuals from pots on the front of the house, and planted a few chrysanthemums to bring one last blast of color to Heath before the extreme cold. I also pulled the remaining pumpkins from their vines and strategically placed them around the house for added decoration.

IMG_0824{Dahlias and Pumpkins}

While rushing to meet deadlines for work or handling stressful situations will always continue,  but whenever possible… relax, in whatever way works for you, it is more healthful than you may realize.

Relax Stylishly!!


Stylish Friends

IMG_1608{Roses from Heath garden}

Salute to all our stylish friends!!! I have so many, each of whom are talented, creative and most importantly original not only in their appearance, but in their thinking. Today I would like to focus on a special acquaintance, a girlfriend that I visit regularly for beauty tips, techniques with tasty recipes and the overall sharing of life’s trials and tribulations. I have known Quy my entire adult life and over the years we have been through hell and high water, but through it all she remains one of the most beautifully unaffected people I know both inside and out. She has exquisite taste in fashion, a love of clothes, plus a real passion for accessories.

IMG_0343{Manolo Blahnik heels on left and the tote, belt and shoes on right are Emporio Armani}

I stopped by her home yesterday for my usual dose of influential ideas, and there were some new items she wanted to share from a recent shopping expedition. Quy is savvy and a very sophisticated shopper, one day I must post about her technique, which is truly an experience!!!

Upon arriving at her home there is always a platter of delicious fruits on the table, which is a warm and heart felt gesture. Yesterday there was an assortment of kiwi and grapes, and sometimes she will serve a delicacy that is being prepared in the kitchen so, that I can taste her delicious home cooking before we begin our conversation.

She had lovely boxes strewn from various boutiques beside our chairs so, that we could take our time and rummage through shoes, handbags, scarves and dresses!!! There is nothing like a dose of feminine beauty to put anyone into a stylishly fabulous frame of mind. Together we had fun thinking up outfits to transition from summer into fall, then tried on the elegant heels and thought of the best way to use the Armani tote for traveling.

IMG_0328{Salvatore Ferragamo slippers}

When I sit with her I am constantly jotting down notes so, that I may refer to her brilliant comments and ideas later from home. And if she shares a recipe, you can be sure I will test it later in the week. I always come away from her abode just that much closer to true beauty; especially as we learn and share ideas that each of us can incorporate into our daily routines. I suppose that is the definition of true friendship, the exchanging of ideas and mutual support, which is given without question!

Thank you for being you and all that you do!!!!