Baking Day

This past weekend was gloomy, cold and rainy to which I packed a great deal of work into two days. I can’t that it’s already Monday! To end the month of February I took to the kitchen prepping a tasty Sunday dinner and to bake banana bread. Yes, I know another banana bread recipe…. but my brother gave me a bunch of the overripe fruit in hopes that I would make an appetizing treat to last into the week for breakfast or lunches.

As it poured rain the entire day, it felt right to turn on the ovens not only to heat the house but, to create a level of coziness before ending the busy weekend.

Baking and prepping meals are part of the small goals I set for myself each weekend so, that after a busy work week, I know there will always be a delicious meal waiting in my pantry or freezer at the end of a trying day.

Stay safe,

Making Thanksgiving Unique

There’s a joy in making every meal a matter of great taste, most especially Thanksgiving dinner with all its traditions. The 2020 holidays will most certainly look like no other, and for many of us it will mean a much smaller gathering. I come from a large family, and am used to cooking for dozens. There will be something elegant in prepping for an intimate group. As this year’s holiday menu has been drafted, I look forward to deviating from tradition, and will let you in on a secret….. I purchased a 7-Layer Caramel Cake from Caroline’s Cakes since, I didn’t have time to bake. I know what many of you traditionalist are thinking …… she couldn’t bake her own cake. But, I cannot tell you how liberating it felt when I arrived home from running errands over the weekend and saw boxes sitting on the counter. Whew… that’s definitely how you start the holiday by purchasing a few items, as well as making and baking a few.

Gather round to give thanks for family, friends, health, and happiness!!!