Baking Day

IMG_0730 IMG_0720 IMG_0723Saturday was baking day and I was able to spend the entire afternoon in the kitchen alone, making delicious treats for friends and family. While in the supermarket on Friday I found a huge container of strawberries that looked so fresh and seemed to call out an early spring that I had to turn this fruit into a delicious bread for our weekend breakfast.

IMG_0693IMG_0681 Next on the list was chocolate at its most decadent, mixed with pecans and walnuts spread on cookie sheets to make brownies with melted caramel and another with melted semi-sweet chips.

IMG_0708 IMG_0732I have done many variations with this brownie recipe since my mom first let me bake at the wondrous age of 11. I can still remember how thrilled I was when she gave me these simple instructions to see if I could follow the guidelines in order to make a dessert for our evening meal many years ago.

Recipes for Cocoa Brownies and Strawberry Bread!

So, the next time you have you have a few minutes to spare, remember to bake stylishly!!

Baking Strawberry Bread

A fresh bowl of strawberries will inspire anyone to spend an afternoon baking!

Lately, I have been on fresh bread kick and cannot seem to pass up purchasing a loaf when in the local bakery. But, nothing compares to the smell of freshly baked bread permeating throughout your home. There is something deliciously rustic about baking your own bread, which is a treat the entire family can enjoy.

{Freshly chopped pecans, eggs and strawberries in sugar ready for baking}

IMG_2934 IMG_2941
The other day while in the grocery store I noticed an enticing display of fresh strawberries and was drawn to purchasing a few pints, and knew immediately that I wanted to make this recipe from my childhood, fresh strawberry bread.

Strawberry Bread Recipe
2 ½ cups of sliced fresh strawberries
3 1/8 cups of all purpose flour
1 ½ cups of white sugar
1-½ cups of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
¼ teaspoon of nutmeg
1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon
1 heaping teaspoon of baking soda
¼ cups of vegetable oil
4 eggs, beaten
1 cup of chopped pecans
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