Tray Chic

IMG_1801Recently, I was approached by One Kings Lane, the online home-décor retailer to participate in their “Tray Chic” campaign by sharing an idea on how I celebrate my personal style using this accessory within the home.

Over the years I have collected many trays for various aesthetic reasons and have placed them strategically throughout house, based on an artistic quality or a need for order. While each has a myriad of uses, such as expressing my desire for organization; a love of home cooking or being able to select a fragrant perfume at the start of the day.

What my “Tray Chic” moment says about me is that I am a hard worker, and when it’s time to relax I relish doing so in style using my elegant tray-tables. They are three lightweight gilt trays that sit by my bedside, instead of a traditional nightstand. Each fit within the other to make one large table and was a gift from my mother many years ago.

My evening ritual is the same every night, starting with a luscious bath and then unwinding in bed using the trays that hold writing utensils, notebooks, an iPad that is my alarm and music, along with a bottle of San Pellegrino. And, when lounging on Sunday mornings the trays are perfect for holding croissants, a pot of coffee, while reading the paper or an assortment of fashion magazines.  

Stay stylish,

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