Happy Fourth

IMG_2656IMG_2650Taking a leaf from the pages of my past I have been grilling hamburgers and hot dogs all afternoon to serve with homemade cole-slaw and potato salad. I remember as a child how exciting the Fourth of July was as we anxiously awaited sundown so; that we could ignite sparklers, firecrackers, Roman candles and those neighborhood dad’s who would cross state lines to purchase M-80’s made the season explosive for all the kid’s. For those of us who are not fortunate to live close to a “fireworks stand”, the Internet has made purchasing for the private consumer easier.

Today is Independence Day and to those of us who call America home, let’s come together in celebrating her 238th birthday.

Enjoy the Fourth Safely,

2 Replies to “Happy Fourth”

  1. Happy 4th of July……..I too remember waiting for nightfall so the mini explosions could erupt in my neighborhood and going home with charred fingertips and shirt tails. Lol. Love your pics of this joyous day of independence and Happy Birthday America.


  2. Hope you had a festive and celebratory 4th. I was with my lovely lady friend and her kids eating burgers and dogs and marveling at the neighborhood fireworks show. It was quite an extravaganza. Nothing like fireworks…………..and several Coronas and a bottle of Jameson’s.


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