Stylish Taste

IMG_0735{Chicken broth to be frozen and later used for soups, casseroles or potpies}

Lately, I have been spending Saturday mornings prepping food for the upcoming week so, there are always ready-made items on hand when I get home on weekday evenings and do not want to think about crafting an entire meal from scratch. Menus are also drafted and planned so dinner is never left to chance, especially after an exhausting day.

IMG_3398 IMG_3409

Vegetables and fruits are purchased from the farmers market or specialty food stores, then washed and rinsed before being divided into zip-lock or freezer bags for lunches or pre-dinner crudités.  Meats are portioned and placed in wrap for stir-fries, stews or pasta dishes. The market had Cornish hens on sale, which were served for Sunday dinner with breadcrumbs {moistened with a touch of vermouth}, onions, pine nuts, celery and tarragon.

I was up early blanching four huge bunches of broccoli rabe in salted boiling water for a few minutes and then shocked the stalks in an ice bath which removes the bitter flavor before it is wrapped tightly in plastic for freezing. So later in the week when we want a tasty stir-fry all I need to do is place the broccoli rabe in the fridge to thaw with a bit of meat before going to work in the mornings and the meal is partially assembled.

IMG_3401{Sauteed beef with bay leaves, rosemary and a bit of sage from the garden}

Pre-cooking and freezing meats such as grilled chicken breasts or sautéed beef with herbs from the garden is a great way to get a jump on a weeknight meal. The sautéed beef can used to make a delicious and quick beef bourguignon or a stir-fry with bell peppers. The grilled chicken can be used for tasty subs with veggies or sliced into a healthy salad with sourdough croutons and my homemade dressing.

Most of us are under tremendous pressure from work so, I am always searching for ways to create delicious time saving meals. It makes great sense to prep and freeze dishes ahead of time to ensure that dinner is always an enjoyable meal.

Make every meal a matter of great taste!!


9 Replies to “Stylish Taste”

  1. Fresh veggies prepped for future meals have me hungry right now just viewing them and contemplating their assortment of uses. The sauteed beef has my name on it somewhere in your amazing picture. Well done! Please be as resourceful when the Xmas holidays roll around. I think I just caught the aroma of your chicken broth, if it weren’t so late I would do some damage in the kitchen. Great post.


  2. Stylish Heath, I’ll take a plate of the fresh veggies and the sautéed beef. It looks absolutely delectable. Count me in for a place at the table. I even do dishes so, I’ll earn my keep. Hahahahahahahah. Talk about “Stylish Taste.” So healthy for you, the vegetables always and the beef from time to time. Love your post……………….


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