A Few Favorites (3)


After a long winter, I find myself anxiously spending more time outdoors, sitting on the porch to absorb as much of the sunshine as possible. There is nothing like watching the world unfold in such a spectacular fashion during spring, it is incredulous. I especially love the green smell of early morning and feeling the crisp breezes that flow through the trees. For an infusion of imaginative ideas I enjoy wandering around Heath.

This week I would like to share a few of my favorite sites and applications (apps) that I frequently use to give me that creative boost when needed. There was a time when everyone had files and folders of recipes they would clip from the newspaper or articles from magazines, which would be kept for inspiration at some future time. Today we have applications and websites to help organize our ideas.


Stacks of Vintage Vogues & Harpers Bazaars
I still enjoy reading through vintage copies of magazines in order to view a classic look or just seeing what art was on exhibit at various museums. There are recipes, tips for decorating and the occasional travel guide.

Beverly Feldman Shoes and Blog
I do not know what I would do without Beverly Feldman shoes to complete my outfits. But, when I need a fabulous dose of feminine reality I go to her blog where you will always learn “too much is never enough”, especially when it comes to handbags and shoes!!!

One can stay stylishly up to date by following this blog on fashion, make-up and travel. This is definitely the world’s premier online luxury destination. Take a peek and go places!!!

Apps for iPhone or Android:

This is a beautiful and fabulous way to share your pictures with family and friends. Once you take a photo from your cell phone, you can choose a filter to transform the look of the picture, then share it with others through Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Sign up for free and as a member you can “pin” images, objects, or videos to a pinboard. You can use the Pinterest boards as a tool for collecting or organizing your ideas. Though a lot of us still enjoy cutting and clipping from the newspaper or magazines, I do enjoy the convenience of Pinterest and your “inspiration” boards are kept online for you to see immediately.

Flipboard is your personal magazine where you can catch up on the news that you care about most, a place where you can discover amazing information without having to do in depth research.

Happy Creating!!!


4 Replies to “A Few Favorites (3)”

  1. Nice picture of the backyard K, I will be there to enjoy it all in 3 weeks. Spring has finally arrived here in Chi-town and I was on the lakefront for a refreshing stroll this afternoon. Can’t wait for some serious barbequeing and serious eating. Stay well.


  2. We did our first barbecue of the season today and the food was phenomenal!! A definite precursor to your visit and Heath should be in full bloom!!!! See you soon!! K


  3. That is one stylish yard at Heath. It looks crisp and well maintained. Your vintage magazines date back to the late 70″s. Wow!!!!!!! Thank you for the tips on new apps i can download on my android. Keep up the good work……….


  4. I am pleased that you will try these new apps. They are great sources of information at your fingertips and thanks for stopping by “Stylish Heath”!!


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