Spring Storms

After a long day at work the last thing, I need is to arrive home with power outages due to weekly spring squalls. Last Thursday a severe thunderstorm blew in to shake the entire neighborhood with lightning and intense wind gust. As I pulled into Heath, I couldn’t resist peeking at the sky and the surrounding beauty that nature has to offer. So,  I grabbed my phone to snap a few photos of this atmospheric ambience before ducking [safely] inside.

Enjoy these anomalies safely,

Winter Storm Toby

The team arrived back to the States from Shanghai and Singapore just in time for Winter Storm Toby. The east coast was besieged with ice, wind and snow. Lately, have you noticed this wind, and I am not referring to those of you in Chicago. Seriously, what is with this turbulence? Our power was out for three and half days because, of the wind two weeks ago. I am so over winter, and dreaming of warmer weather and cooking outdoors!!!

Here are few of my favorites photos from yesterday morning, as the mid-Atlantic took the first hit from Toby.

Stay warm,

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