Terra-Cotta Warriors of the Qin Dynasty

Age of Empires
Chinese Art of the Qin & Han Dynasties {221 B.C.- A.D.220}- until July 16, 2017

{The following objects listed above are the “Kneeling Archer“- earthenware with traces of pigments; “Strongman”– earthenware, and “Dog” made of earthenware}

If you are in NYC this summer, stop by The Met before July 16th to see the Age of Empires exhibit. Who doesn’t remember reading articles from their local newspapers in 1974 of farmers digging a well in the Shanxi province of China; when they unearthed pieces of terra-cotta near an underground spring? These farmers had found the army of Shi Huangdi the first emperor of China, founder of the Qin dynasty. The real surprise came when archaeologists searched the area and found three large pits. In them were thousands of life-sized terra-cotta warriors; including archers, foot soldiers, charioteers, and horses, an entire army set up to protect the emperor’s tomb.