The Scent of Fall


On Friday evenings I like to start the weekend with a brisk and vigorous walk throughout the neighborhood, its my way of ending a hectic work week and clearing my mind of thoughts of work I do not want to deal with until Monday. As I walked I noticed the crunch of a few leaves under foot, which have begun falling from the trees. The air was extremely cool with absolutely no humidity so, I was wrapped warmly in a sweatshirt for the first few miles of my journey. Walking pass a few homes I could smell steaks cooking on grills, as well the scent of wood from fireplaces permeating the air. The sounds of the marching band from the local high school wafted through the air as the first football game of the season kicked off. The sky was filled with stars and deer were darting through lawns in search of edible foliage. And as I walked towards home I noticed signs of seasonal change taking place around Heath, and that fall is only moments away.

Get out under the sky and take notice!