Thanksgiving Timed Right

IMG_0866{Seasonal savories & spices used to cook the holiday meal; onions, bay leaves, leeks, sage and rosemary from the Heath Garden}

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and planning is key. Everyone is feeling the constraint of time closing in so, it is imperative to work within a designed framework or script if you will, when action must be taken in order to get that delicious meal pulled together with flawless elan.

IMG_0140 IMG_0144{Homemade cranberry-orange chutney made with red onions, garlic, ginger and a double dollop of Grand Marnier}

A draft of each day’s assignments has been carefully outlined with the sequence of events leading up to Thanksgiving dinner completely spelled out. That being said, I have begun the process of paring down lists, ordering a few sides from a local French bistro and accomplishing last minute shopping before the mad rush, as I too want to enjoy the festivities!!

Taste stylishly!!!