Restoration and Renewal @ Heath

{Getting top soil, peet moss, manure and a bit of compost into the ground after tilling helps combat the clay soil}

IMG_1687In order to beat the heat and humidity of the mid-Atlantic region, there are those of us who are taking clear advantage of the 70-degree temps and balmy breezes to finish off spring-cleaning chores. Such as tilling and weeding the garden, maintaining the lawn by mulching, mowing, weeding and edging. Plus the necessary task of restoring the front and garage doors with a fresh coat of Minwax to protect against the extreme heat of the western summer sun.

{My brother John helping till the garden, which we will shape into rows for the various vegetables and flowers}
{My brother Stephen helping me stain the garage doors, while the weather is reasonably cool}

I enjoy the teamwork from each of my family members, primarily my brothers, as everyone knows what must be done to complete all chores. Paul keeps the lawn trimmed, John gets the mulch down around “Poison Ivy Row” and into the garden after pulling weeds on the northeastern potion of the property and Stephan takes care of maintaining the front and southwestern part of the house along with staining the front and garage doors with me.

{And yes, Malcolm the cat also helps around the property by keeping watch from the Liriope}

An extension of vibrant color is added to the front porch and deck with reddish-orange gerbera daisies, orange and pink impatiens, hot pink geraniums, deep purple petunias and dragon-red begonias being placed into planters for added beauty.

All in all the weekend was a huge success with a lot of work accomplished by all and Heath being carefully maintained for another year!!!

Work stylishly,



Summer Solstice

IMG_1395IMG_1398{Heath before sunrise}

Lately, the sights and sounds around Heath have been signaling the rapid approach of summer and today, June 21st will mark the longest day of the year, the summer solstice.

I decided to partake in the unfolding of treasures the day had to offer by getting up before sunrise, and put on a pot of mint tea (from the garden of course), then sat on the front porch to envelope my surroundings along with our cat Malcolm. Firstly, it was a bit cool around 55 degrees with no humidity, the air was fresh and extremely crisp to the point that I needed a sweater. There was no movement except for a slight rustling of the branches and trees. After a few moments of sitting the light of day began to inch across the lawn, next the chirping of the first bird resounded and then a few minutes later, several birds were joining the chorus.

IMG_1428{Malcolm the family cat}

It was great to see a few of my neighbors venture out before sunrise as well, tending their gardens and lawns before the heat of the day. Several minutes later the earth seemed to awaken with the noise of distant traffic, the smell of cooking from other homes and several of Malcolm’s (the cat) friends were running home… did I mention they are an opossum and a raccoon?

After observing the start to my day, I had to go to work, but made it outside at noon to see the sun high in the sky, along with my minuscule shadow on the ground. The heat of the day was progressing, but what I found incredulous about the summer equinox is after today, the days will begin to grow shorter and the nights will become longer, as we head back towards the winter solstice.

IMG_1446 IMG_0196{Heath at sunset and the moon playing her part in the summer solstice}

Walking this evening was fabulous; I went out after sundown to watch how the light plays across the atmosphere with the gorgeous indigo-blue tint in the western sky. There was a lot going on this evening beginning with fireflies flittering throughout the trees like shooting stars, crickets chirping, frogs croaking, and the occasional popping of firecrackers to indicate the start of summer or probably a  prelude to the fourth of July.

Being outside was a wondrous feeling because the sky was clear and of course I watched for shooting stars, but more importantly it was refreshing to take part in the symbiotic relationship of earth and sky simply by spending time outdoors.

Here’s to a fabulous summer!