Autumn Favorites

 imageWelcome to autumn, it’s that time of year where the nights are cooler, the days shorter and the rich colors of the season are upon us. I absolutely love the earthy tones of fall especially, in the gorgeous dahlias grown at Heath.

img_3971 img_1061Storing pear preserves for the winter is an absolute must, they are a delicious treat to serve on the weekends with homemade biscuits. And, I have re-tested my mom’s sweet potato pie recipe by adding Grand Marnier to two of the pies and Limoncello to the others along with a splashes of vanilla.

img_3714My taste for the eclectic and unusual extends to choosing tasteful pumpkins that will be placed on the front porch for Halloween. This heirloom variety is the flattened Ghirardelli grown by farmers in our area and some will state these may be the best pumpkin to use for baking pies.

Stay stylish,

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