Stylish Favorites 1.10.15

IMG_0904The New Year is off to a chilling start here in the Mid Atlantic; the air has been extremely crisp along with a bit of ice and snow after such a cloudy and rainy fall. The fireplace is in constant use, everyone is bundled in very soft sweaters and I love when the weather is in the single digits, which gives me the option of working from home and working in the kitchen cooking up delicious hot soups and stews or baking a savory pie to warm the hearth.
IMG_1776 FullSizeRender(10) image2And what could be more enjoyable than reviewing and researching photographs of Greek and Egyptian antiquities taken while at the British Museum during the last trip to London by our “Reporters!

When time allows there is nothing like snuggling up with a copy of Paris Vogue and nibbling on a few chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat and perusing the spring/summer fashions or just planning the Heath gardens with colors seen from the elegant fashion magazines…talk about inspiration at its finest!!!

IMG_0094And lastly, I always dream of a quiet beach vacation where all one does is sit and watch the tide come and go.