Louisiana Creole

The Laura Plantation located on River Road between Baton Rouge and New Orleans is a raised Creole Planation style house. Our team were in Louisiana last week and stopped by this “maison principale” {family home} to check out the architecture; the gardens and to immerse in a bit of history. Originally called l’Habitation Duparc was 12,000 acres at its largest, and includes properties amassed throughout the years. The manor house was built on high and cleared grounds, and had been the location of the Colapissa Indian village.

Cultivated grounds became French parterre gardens, a pecan orchard, a potager planted adjacent to the original kitchen, and vegetable rows near the slave cabins.According to local legend the primary reason the plantation was saved from ruin was that the Br’er Rabbit stories {supposedly} originated here, and an effort was made to restore the house and grounds. So, through copious research found the “Tar-Baby”stories are not native to America, but found compelling evidence that the tale crossed the Atlantic with slaves.

When in Louisiana visit:
Laura- A Creole Plantation
2247 Highway 18
Vacherie, LA  70090

The Annotated African American Folktales
by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Maria Tartar

Uncle Remus: His Songs and His Sayings
by Joel Chandler Harris

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A Few Favorites

IMG_1302_2{Hellebore’s at Heath growing profusely along a heavily wooded area known as Poison Ivy Row}

With warmer weather upon us and temperatures continuing to climb each week, my primary focus has turned to gardening. There is nothing like getting into the yard to clear debris and search for new plant life within the ground. Reading materials are everywhere and its great to see what other gardeners are doing during the season. Reviewing old manuscripts from the museum complete with notations from the previous owner is a thrill. I like to compare the annotations within these books to my gardening notes and have found this to be an innovative way to design the flower beds and vegetable rows at Heath.

IMG_1148_2Geometry Book of Louis XVI
Abrégé Géométrie, Paris 1765
While perusing the Walters Art Museum a few weeks ago I found this geometry book that was made for the future king of France in the mid-eighteenth century when he was eleven years of age, and while textbooks were commonplace, this unique manuscript had meticulously drawn diagrams and hand-written notations by Louis XVI.

IMG_0855Favorite Boulangerie
I will never tire of the breads, tarts and pastries from la Madeleine at the Reston Town Center. This quaint French cafe hidden by towering skyscrapers is a place one can hideout and enjoy a fresh baked treat with an espresso or a even a glass of wine….how français!

016a5fd3a1f6464e69c869991a7a477adc858061c3010a79549d21ac306fac40269e7472b62b1ad806ec Honda CR-Z {The White Pearl}
This sporty hybrid coupe is my newest love and successor of my 25 year old CR-X {don’t say a word!}. And, for the pièce de résistance this compact cutey is one of the least polluting and rated as an “advanced technology partial zero emissions vehicle {AT-PZEV} in the United States. I get great gas mileage and enjoy a comfortable ride… absolutely love her!!!

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