Halloween @ Heath

Yes, “Heath” bars and a variety of sweets were given to Trick-or-Treaters
Malcolm the cat with freshly picked pumpkins from the garden!!!

The family really pulled together to get the house ready for Halloween this year. Steve and Paul raked and mowed the lawn to get the pile of leaves off the walkway, drive and sidewalks so; the trick-or-treaters would have a clear path to the front door. Pumpkins were picked from the garden to decorate the entryway and leaves were selected to adorn baskets for candy.

Maria and I have been giving out sweets to the most adorably costumed creatures, who have been banging the doors off the hinges for lollipops and chocolates. But the kids are so well mannered, remembering to say thank you for their treats and wanting us to have a good evening.

To all Ghouls & Goblins have a Very Scary and Safe Halloween!!!


Black Cats and Halloween (2)

Note: Too all of you who indicated you could not see this original post sent on Thursday, October 31st due to a glitch, I am resending the message and working with WordPress to clarify the error.  Please enjoy the post if not for the first time, then most definitely a second!!!

108_0838 108_0839{Malcolm the Cat getting into the holiday spirit with harvested pumpkins}

Fall is one of my family’s favorite seasons, and we are thrilled when the month of October starts with the weather turning crisp and cool, along with the annual traditions within our community such as Oktoberfest, the Haunted Houses, the Jazz Festival and apple picking that make the month quite spectacular.

I never put a spooky spin on our front yard, but will pick a few pumpkins from the garden and strategically place them on the front porch alongside the earthy-colored chrysanthemums. And Malcolm our cat does his yearly rendition of attracting the trick or treaters attention by preening on the front porch until they ask if he is a real black cat, then he moves to authenticate his reality and then waits to be petted and hugged… he really is too much!!! I think what Malcolm really wants is to see what candy the children have in their bags, and hopes that one of them offers him a tasty treat.

Well tonight my family will be partaking in a few of their regular fall traditions such as the guy’s watching football on all the TV’s in the house (I am still not a true fan of the sport), handing out treats to all the ghouls and goblins and making a pot of thick and rich chili, the perfect comfort food for a spooky night!!

Have a Very Scary and Safe Halloween!!


Stylish Favorites (7)

IMG_1822{Raisin-Cinnamon chip challah with peaches and jam}

Great Harvest Bread Co. The Great Harvest Bread Co. located in the historic township of Herndon is a quaint shop surrounded by early 20th century shops, a now defunct railroad and the W & OD Trail.  I purchased two loaves of the most delicious tasting “Raisin Cinnamon Chip” challah to serve with coffee for Saturday morning.  I like to slice the loaf thinly and toast the pieces under the broiler then serve with a bit of jam and butter. These breads are 100% whole grain, stone ground and baked fresh, all within the bakery. U Street Flea Market The District Flea opened last weekend on the U Street Corridor, the collaboration between local vendors and those who started the Brooklyn Flea, New York’s massive outdoor market, which features antiques, repurposed furniture, and my favorite…vintage clothing, plus delicious fresh food! They will open at this location until the end of October and based on how well received it is at this location, will hopefully reopen next year. Le Diplomate 1601 14th Street NW, Washington DC 20009 Before scouring the flea market, we had brunch at Le Diplomate a typical French Bistro with a menu that features a variety of classics such as Escargots, Steak Frites, Bouillabaisse and Onion Soup Gratinee. I tried the “Eggs Boudin Noir”, which was eggs cooked en cocotte, served with boudin noir (blood sausage), asparagus and grilled levain (a sourdough bread made by a long fermentation process). At the table we shared a fabulous variety of breads that were served in a basket, and the one we all devoured was the cranberry-walnut loaf, it was truly the best!!

IMG_0794{First picked tomatoes from Heath}

Fresh Picked Tomatoes The tomatoes have finally turned red and those vines that survived deer, chipmunks and rain are now being harvested. And as anyone will state, you must wait all summer for great tasting tomatoes such as beefsteak, heirlooms and cherry tomatoes. I refuse to purchase them in store after the start of summer and scour the farmers markets for these delicious varieties.

Tomato and Basil Salad Slice tomatoes, red onions and tear what is left of the summer basil into bowl. Splash in the white balsamic vinegar, kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Shaved pieces of Parmesan make this dish absolutely delicious and so easy. 

IMG_1183{A night photo of our family pet Malcolm}

Malcolm the Cat My cat Malcolm waiting for me near the front door the other night after an evening walk. He is always a great and welcoming site after a long sojourn throughout the neighborhood!!

Stay Stylish!