Working from Home

In view of the COVID-19 protocols and the enforced “social distancing” to slow the spread of the virus, many people across the country and around the world are working from their homes. Our team at Stylish Heath will be doing the same [until mid-April or possibly later depending on how the outbreak progresses].

Home for many of us is a place of refuge and solace, which feels particularly acute in these uncharted times. While being sequestered it is important to stay productive as we veer into domestic living. For that reason many of us will find distraction through home-based projects, so lets get into the garden or into the kitchen to test a few recipes, while staying calm.

We will get thru this, and lets keep in touch!



SCAD Museum: Carla Fernández

I meant to post this information a few months ago and somehow was delayed. The texture and creativity interwoven into this clothing is absolutely stunning.

Upon arriving in Savannah, one of the first stops was to the SCAD {Savannah College of Art & Design} museum to see the Carla Fernández exhibit “Think Twice”, she’s a fashion designer from Saltillo, Coahuila who gained international recognition for precise documentation and preservation of the rich textile heritage of Mexico’s indigenous groups.

These pieces were reinterpreted for the André Leon Talley Gallery with Fernández’s recent pieces, videos and a specially commissioned floral intervention by Flores Cosmos.

Carla Fernández’s pieces have been featured in Elle, Vogue, i-D, Wallpaper*, T: The New York Times Style Magazine and the Los Angeles Times.

SCAD Museum of Art

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