Weekend Finds

Lets all take a huge sigh of relief, after living on pins and needles over the last week  …….. we now have a President and Vice-President-Elect.  Since Tuesday night I probably received a total of three hours of sleep sitting up watching newscast, as ballots were meticulously counted.

Well, its  a great time to share “this weeks finds” to alleviate the stress and tension after Election Week. Here are a few songs I’ve added to my after-work playlist to ease into fall’s cozy evenings!

Ave Maria {Melody Gardot}
Love Theme from Spartacus {Yusuf Lateef}
Reason to Survive {The Rance Allen Group}
The James Bond Theme {John Barry Orchestra} for Sean Connery….!!!
Someday My Prince Will Come {Miles Davis}
Down Here on the Ground {Wes Montgomery}
A Unified Front {Alexa Tarantino}

And, if anyone can make it to the National Gallery in London scroll down to the Artemisia trailer to view exhibition highlights. This is the first major exhibition of Artemisia Gentileschi’s work in the UK. An Italian Baroque painter and one of the most accomplished seventeenth century artist who worked in the style of Caravaggio, and was producing professionally by age fifteen.

Have a safe and restful weekend,


3 Replies to “Weekend Finds”

    1. You are most welcome, and to know Artemisia was a 17th century feminist, as well as an accomplished artist makes her that much more interesting. I’m truly seeking ways to get to London to see this exhibit at the National Gallery.

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