IMG_1577IMG_1727Admiring blooms within gardens or viewing their pictures in magazines has always made my heart beat a bit faster. I remember at a young age a neighbor grew the most fantastic tulips in her yard, and the beauty of them all was her black tulip’s…and oh my gosh, I thought I would leap over the moon if I could not cut a few to place in my bedroom. So, I sneaked out at sundown snipped a few cuttings and et viola, my desk area was transformed into the perfect study area. But, oh the guilt of cutting my neighbor’s flowers made me feel horrible. So, I told my mom what I did and she had me build a bouquet from her own flowerbed, promptly walk over to our neighbor to apologize.

My love of flowers has never waned, as I continue to peer into secret gardens, peek in yards or read books, I do everything necessary to learn all there is to know of these exotic delights.

IMG_0143 IMG_0146Another deep affection is for peonies and though these blossoms are around for a short three weeks it becomes imperative each year to get as many cuttings into vases as possible. With scissors in hand, I have already begun cutting these flowers to place in rooms throughout Heath. We had a severe thunderstorm last night, which pushed these herbaceous beauties to the ground, but there are a few sturdier buds growing in the cutting garden just waiting to bloom and to be placed in vases.




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