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Halloween @ Heath


Yes, “Heath” bars and a variety of sweets were given to Trick-or-Treaters


Malcolm the cat with freshly picked pumpkins from the garden!!!

The family really pulled together to get the house ready for Halloween this year. Steve and Paul raked and mowed the lawn to get the pile of leaves off the walkway, drive and sidewalks so; the trick-or-treaters would have a clear path to the front door. Pumpkins were picked from the garden to decorate the entryway and leaves were selected to adorn baskets for candy.

Maria and I have been giving out sweets to the most adorably costumed creatures, who have been banging the doors off the hinges for lollipops and chocolates. But the kids are so well mannered, remembering to say thank you for their treats and wanting us to have a good evening.

To all Ghouls & Goblins have a Very Scary and Safe Halloween!!!


The Waterways of Venice

IMG_3746 IMG_3745For me a Rococo style landscape by Canaletto is more representative of Venice than any other medium. His paintings of this aquatic city are best known for its many canals {canales} that serve as streets, the elegant residences known as Palazzo’s all linked by bridges that dot the waterways. I have two reproductions that sit on the shelves of my work space at home; The Grand Canal and La Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute {1730} and the second is the infamous Piazza San Marco painted in 1735 from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
IMG_3896 IMG_3805As the chief means of transport these colorfully decorated gondolas were the focus of our on the spot reporters, who have taken a few photos of this picturesque city that resemble the artwork of Canaletto before heading to Greece.

Travel stylishly,


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