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Flowers @ Heath

IMG_1470 IMG_1480 {This years crocus and hellebore’s at Heath}

The cherry blossoms lining the Tidal Basin off the Potomac River tell us that spring is most definitely on the way! And after the long harsh winter, everyone is waiting for warmer weather, longer days and more time spent outdoors. The anticipation of things to come begins with the gorgeous colors of crocus, daffodils and hellebore’s sprouting around the grounds at Heath.

IMG_1424{Large bowl of daffodils in the kitchen}

My love of flowers goes back to early childhood, when I would pick blooms from my mom’s garden or even the neighbors {mostly without their knowledge}, and would decorate the rooms at home with freshly picked tulips, daffodils or lilacs. The fragrance that emanated always inspired me to sketch or paint these fabulous flowers into notebooks. I am really looking forward to the feel of spring rain and the warmth of the sun while working in the garden, where I will create my own spectacular beauty at Heath.

Garden stylishly,


Weekend at the Walters

IMG_2947 IMG_0880{Madonna and Child with Saints and Donor painted by Carlo Crivelli in Marche, Italy ca. 1485-1490}
{Madonna of the Candelabra painted by Raphael in Rome, Italy ca. 1513}

As I wait for the ground to thaw and the air to warm up I decided to head to the Walters Art Museum located in Baltimore, Maryland this weekend. This is a public museum founded in 1934 by {father and son} William and Henry Walters to house their collection which includes masterworks from the ancient world into the medieval era, Renaissance and onto modern times.

The building on north Charles Street is an Italian palazzo, and upon entering the porticoed atrium the first image the public views is a statue of Apollo Victorious over a Python sculpted in 1591 by Pietro Francavilla in Florence, and at the other end of the hall is wall piece of Adam and Eve. Also sculpted in marble by Giovanni della Robbia in 1515 from Florence, Italy. Here are a few additional pieces I always enjoy viewing while in the gallery. 

IMG_2595{Plate from Iran {Nishapur- present day Iran}, ca 1480-81. The town of Nishapur flourished in ceramic manufacturing in the 9th-12th centuries. Examining the varying colors of blue within this piece are truly extraordinary. The medium is fritware with an underglaze painting}



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