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Destination: Savannah

IMG_2008 IMG_3496The last weekend getaway scheduled for the summer was on the 8th of August at the spur of the moment to Savannah. Much of the area around the town is known as Low Country, off a forty-foot bluff above the Savannah River, but an important aspect about this port city is knowing there is always great seafood. And, true to its southern form no matter where you eat the food is always absolutely delicious.


Harper Fowlkes House is a 1842 Greek Revival mansion designed by Irish architect Charles B. Clusky. The original gasoliers, mirrors and period antiques are still found throughout the home.


Davenport House and Garden was designed and built by owner Isaiah Davenport in 1820, a stately Federal style home is one of the handsomest examples of Georgian architecture in the city. Davenport was an accomplished carpenter and built several private homes within the city of Savannah, professionalizing the building industry.


The beautifully sculpted gardens of the Davenport House on East State Street

Stationed in the Historic District there was no need for a car so, we walked every street exploring the beauty of the past. While on the plane I reviewed my notes from our last visit, and there were three sites we needed to see pending our arrival. First on the list was the Harper Fowlkes House on Barnard Street and Orleans Square. The second was the Davenport House and Garden on East State Street and lastly, Bonaventure Cemetery, located on the outskirts of the city to see where Georgia’s first governor Edward Telfair, Academy Award winning songwriter Johnny Mercer and poet Conrad Aiken are interred.


Bonaventure Cemetery is built on the scenic bluff of the Wilmington River, east of Savannah.

Though three houses have stood on the site, but none remain today. A former 18th century plantation, Bonaventure is a Southern Gothic sculpture garden with canopies of live oak and magnolias, laced with Spanish moss.


The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist on East Harris Street in the Historic District of Savannah.

When in Savannah last year, The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist was under scaffolding and a great deal of construction due to a fire. But, this year while site-seeing a serious storm brewed and the wind blew in huge gust around 4:15 that afternoon. We made it to the church just as the sky opened up and a torrential rain fell. It was a wondrous feeling to sit in the church and meditate while the storm raged outside, it gave one a great sense of comfort to view the interior of this impressively beautiful French Gothic Church with its stained glass windows and magnificent Altar.

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Stylish Favorites from NYC


Sunday night in the city is extremely quiet and a much slower pace than the day.


{Steel Globe at Columbus Circle on a cool summer Sunday evening}

There is always so much to see and do while in this vibrant city, here are a few favorites that I enjoy returning to upon each visit!!

Sunday in the City
Sunday night in the city is very quiet; this fast paced town slows down quickly and becomes so enjoyable to get out and walk, which it is the best way to see New York.


The quaint tearoom Ladurée on 398 W Broadway {SoHo}, and do not forget when in Paris pick up a few macaroons!


{Pastries and delicacies on display in Ladurée’s SoHo branch}

Ladurée in SoHo
Whether in New York or Paris it is imperative to schedule time for lunch in a quaint tearoom, where you can select a delicious pastry from the bakery in the next room to enjoy with a freshly brewed cup of coffee after your meal. This is the most civilized way to relax, review notes from the day, all while enjoying the atmosphere of those being served high tea. And you must absolutely order a small box of macaroons to savor once back to the hotel.


Conrad Hotel-New York, 102 North End Ave in Battery Park


Me posing on our arrival in the lobby of the Conrad after a long journey

Lobby of the Conrad Hotel in Battery Park
The location of the Conrad in Battery Park is strategically placed to many shops, museums, subways and the Freedom Tower. And the view of Jersey City is fabulous!


Beautifully crafted graffiti on the side of a building off of Elisabeth Street in SoHo

It is great to come upon art no matter what form, even in the guise of graffiti while walking down Elizabeth Street in Soho.


The poster of the Yves Saint Laurent movie at the Film Forum in New York.

A Movie or Show
We had the opportunity of seeing the held over movie about the fabulous Yves Saint Laurent at the Film Forum on West Houston. The film captures the French designer’s life from the beginning of his career after the death of Christian Dior in 1957 to when he meets his lover and business partner Pierre Berge at his first couture show. The film progresses to how these two built the YSL Empire and the first “ready to wear” collection, which completely shocked the world of fashion!! The scenes of Paris are worth the movie alone, as was YSL’s allegiance to Algiers during their war for independence from France in 1954-1962.

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