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Harvest @ Heath

IMG_2032 IMG_3608As the sun sets on summer, the harvesting has begun at Heath; tomatoes have been ripening rather quickly since the end of August so, I have been creating sauces, soups and tarts in order to use up this abundance of fruit.

Whenever time allows I have been canning tomatoes in Mason jars to have available once the weather turns cold. The thought of losing these gorgeous gems is hard to fathom, but with the sage advice of my mom, who told me to place the whole, freshly picked tomato into zippered plastic bags and place them in the freezer until needed is sheer genius. Then when we need crushed tomatoes, I can take a few out of the bag, let them thaw, which has similar effect to that of blanching.  The skins split, and slip off easily, leaving the pulp ready to be incorporated into creative and tasty recipes.

IMG_2039 IMG_3622As for the squash and pumpkins they are growing rather prolifically on the vines. The huge leaves are a foot in diameter and the gorgeous yellow flowers are still vibrant in color and quite tasty in salads or battered and fried for a snack. I am waiting for the rinds to thicken a bit and the color to deepen to orange so; they will be perfect as Halloween decorations.

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Madison Square Park in Wonderland


“Rococo Hut” looks like Marie Antoinette’s farm estate “Petit Trianon” in Versailles.


“Cliff House” is one of three aluminum sculptures placed in Madison Square Park, and looks as if it belongs on the set of an opera!

While in New York last month I had an opportunity to partake in a quaint picnic lunch in Madison Square Park and the chance to see sculptor Rachel Feinstein’s first public exhibition entitled “Folly”, which ends September 7th. Upon entering the park you see the first of three surreal, extremely large structures that were architecturally popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These whimsical pieces have a white powdered coating that appear stark against the lush green backdrop of trees, and look as if they were taken from the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean” or one’s favorite “Fairy-Tale.


“Flying Ship” looks as if it were plucked from the Pirates of the Caribbean set!

These sculptures made of aluminum embrace many venues such as the theater, ballet, history, and yes the arts. Strategically placed so, one has the chance to peruse throughout the grounds feasting their eyes while enjoying lunch.

Note: Rachel Feinstein’s: Folly” runs through Sept. 7 at Madison Square Park, between Fifth and Madison Avenues and 23rd and 26th Streets.

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