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Fall Minestrone

IMG_3693IMG_3683 A few months ago a friend from work shared a recipe for fall minestrone soup from an article in her Cooking Light {October 2003} magazine. So, I photocopied the recipe, placed it on my desk and completely forgot about it until this weekend. After hitting the farmers market for a few items, the butternut squash and kale I decided to try this comforting and delicious soup.

The hardest part of the process was the prep of cutting vegetables into cubed pieces, but other than that the meal is done. When I got up yesterday morning, I made my own broth from a roasted chicken we had for dinner a while back, as I preferred chicken to vegetable broth. I also sautéed the potatoes with the onion and garlic for a bit of added flavor then tore Thai basil with grated Parmesan cheese for the final garnish.

Place the soup into a big cup instead of a bowl and curl up for an evening of sitting on the front porch or watching your favorite television shows!!

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Abstract Sunsets

IMG_3643 IMG_3647When fall arrives and the humidity lessens, the night sky puts on a show worthy of the local art galleries. When my brother Steve told me to see the display on the front of the house, we walked out the front door and saw the clouds were displaying an exhibit on abstract expressionism. I grabbed my camera to take photographs of the whorls, scribbles, blobs and drips that were splashed across the sky last night in a very surrealistic manner.

IMG_2043Abstract Expressionists used color, shapes and space to create their version of demonstrative art, and Mother Nature gets wave reviews for this performance. I cannot wait for the next showcase!!!

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