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Year Two

IMG_1819{The second day at the WordCamp NYC Conference this year, which was truly exciting and much fun}

Today is the second anniversary of my blog and what could more fitting than to celebrate in the month of November. A time in which we dedicate to removing ourselves from busy schedules and gathering together for no other reason than being grateful and thankful for all we have received. I am amazed by the number of friends made through comments and emails, and truly appreciate your support over the last few years. I am looking forward to another year of exploration and experimentation with photography, art, cooking and fashion just to name a few of my passions.

To everyone who enjoys making everyday a matter of great taste, thank you for experiencing Stylish Heath.

Oia, Santorini

FullSizeRender(4)IMG_3815 Oia, Santorini was the last stop for our guys after Venice. They took in the picturesque villages of this extraordinary island. A small town built upon impressive cliffs with spectacular views of the Aegean. In this scenic community one can maneuver by foot or mule through the narrow streets dotted with shops, cafes and blue domed churches.

IMG_1465 IMG_3821Constructed upon steep slopes called a “caldera” these whitewashed houses and restaurants are carved into volcanic niches, which are an architectural feature. These idyllic surroundings offer the perfect location for gorgeous sunsets and views of the harbor. With many thanks to our on the spot reporter’s.

Travel stylishly,


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